Natural care for your hair: 8 tips for healthy shiny hair

healthy shiny hair

With respect to the ingredients of ATTITUDE products, the term “perfume” refers to a mixture of ingredients that will produce a characteristic odor. Our products have always contained wholesome, EWG VERIFIED TM ingredients that may be part of a product’s scent, such as essential oils, natural and/or identical ingredients. This means that our perfumes are exact reproductions of molecules already present in nature.

A natural-identical ingredient means that out of a hundred molecules composing a flower, for example, science allows the extraction and production of interesting molecules. Thus, it is possible to produce interesting molecules naturally present in nature. The molecules were then chosen for their properties such as their smell.

We include the word “*fragrance (parfum)” on our packaging, as it is a regulatory requirement to write this term. Thus, the term “*perfume (fragrance)” is not a new component added to our products. It’s the same ingredient list, just a more transparent way to show it!

To learn more and to detect the presence of these ingredients in your shampoos, read our article on the subject .Natural Shampoo & Conditioner Color Protection Super leaves

Instructions: 8 steps to take care of your hair

1. Use natural shampoos and conditioners

To revitalize, wash and moisturize your hair, it is best to choose mild shampoos with ingredients of mineral and vegetable origin. Make a cross on hair care composed of synthetic ingredients by modifying your hair routine and learn about natural hair care by adding them to your beauty kit.

2. Limit the use of care and styling products

A wide range of styling products can be found on the market: shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers, hairsprays, gels and mousses… It is important to check their composition before adopting them. Some even require a longer action time, for example a hair mask that must be left to act for several minutes before rinsing. If they are composed of allergenic or irritating ingredients, we understand how the effect will not necessarily be beneficial.

3. Avoid heat sources to dry and style hair

Blow dryers, as well as flat and curling irons are the enemies of your ends. Although they help us polish our hairstyle, they damage the ends of the hair by drying them out and breaking them. Although it is far from a secret, it seems that we have a hard time letting go of this bad habit! Let your hair air dry and opt for braids and buns to curl them up. The effect will be more natural and you will thus avoid having “crichous” hair and damaged by these styling tools.

4. Hydrate your locks

The hydration of the hair, it is the base to maintain a beautiful length especially after the months spent under the hats. The use of  moisturizing and fortifying natural hair care  products is essential to give life to dull, dry and brittle hair, and optimize the longevity of your ends.

Woman hydrating the length and points of her hair for shiny hair

5. Do two shampoos rather than one!

Hairdressers agree on this: doing two small shampoos rather than one allows the product to act optimally. Thus, a shampoo whose function is to be moisturizing will be more so during the second shampoo than the first. Just halve the amount of product used and you won’t consume more!

6. Space out your shampoos

Although it may be difficult, it really is the key to natural, healthy hair! Do you wash your head every day? Start by spacing out your shampoos by skipping a day. Take the opportunity to put your talents to work by creating stylized hairstyles and don’t forget the headbands – they will be your best allies! When you wash your hair, it is also suggested to start at the nape of the neck and massage around the face since a lot of impurities get lodged there (pollution, make-up and creams). No need to fuss over your hair by rubbing it briskly. Just gently massage your scalp so that the product spreads throughout the hair when rinsing.

7. Limit or space out your coloring

Another enemy of your hair: coloring! Although it can be tempting to go blond with the arrival of spring, it is preferable to space out coloring as much as possible and to opt for specialized care for colored hair. Color protection shampoos and conditioners , for example, protect and restore the shine of colored hair in the most natural way possible. Thanks to their pomegranate extracts containing antioxidants, they help repair dull and damaged hair to give it maximum vitality. Avocado oil, rich in fatty acids, then unfolds its moisturizing properties to nourish the hair and bring it suppleness and softness.

8. Use a bamboo hairbrush

The natural wooden tips of bamboo brushes are said to be less damaging to the tips than those of plastic brushes. In addition, they would evenly distribute the natural oils of our hair and reduce the static effect of our scarves during the cold season!

In short, it is preferable to bet on natural hair care without chemicals in order to preserve the beauty of your hair and to take care of yourself with peace of mind. Which of these little tricks will you adopt? If you want to find the ideal hair routine, take our short 7-question quiz and discover the perfect shampoo and conditioner for your hair.

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