7 Reasons You Should Stop Wearing Stan Smiths

Should Stop Wearing

In this article, I ask myself the existential question (irony) of the incredible success encountered by the shoes that everyone is snapping up: the Stan Smiths!

A few years ago, Adidas decided to relaunch production of this long forgotten 80s icon. And there, all of a sudden, the street becomes a parade of permanent Stan Smith pairs .

Given the huge trend that these sneakers generate, I may not make friends with what will follow, but yes, I do think it is high time to stop wearing them . Here’s why. 7 times why even 🙂

♦ 1/ Not to follow a mass craze

All is said ! We often complain of wanting to stand out , of not liking being taken for sheep, yet with purchases of this type, we jump in with both feet.

Switching to this point in a norm (even if only at a minimal level) is like a rallying sign that means “I’m part of your clan” and it freaks me out.

♦ 2/ Because it doesn’t make a pretty silhouette

I’m not anti-sneaker, far from it, I actually wear them. But I find that the curves of the Stan Smith are quite coarse, massive. If you have a rather slender figure, it is easy to believe that you have anvils on your feet.

After all, that’s just my opinion! I tell myself that it must have a subtlety that I don’t understand for everyone to like it.

♦ 3/ To not have the same shoes as everyone you meet

I find that it has become banal and conventional .

You’re waiting for the streetcar, you’re on the bus, in a store or on the street, you can be sure that half the people are in Stan Smith like you. Doesn’t that sound like a clone?

♦ 4/ To affirm your originality

If you don’t want to be told what to wear, or at least have society whisper it loudly in your ear, try being a bit different . Not wearing Stan Smith is already a bit out of the lot.

It’s true that we can say that there are also a lot of variants of these famous sneakers: velcro, lace-up, green, black, suede… or special editions The Hundreds… but admit we don’t even know who are these people!

adidas adicolor basketball

Stan Smith Adicolor Model

♦ 5/ Because it’s fashion, and not basic like a pair of Converses

There are and there will always be fashion and shoe trends such as the Air Max for example. But some become social phenomena, unavoidable as is the case of Doc Marteens or Converses. We’ve been wearing them for 15 years and your children will certainly wear them again. But I think the Stan Smiths are pure marketing genius from Adidas & co.

Ask yourself if you really like Stan Smiths (the style, the cut, the design…) or if it’s to be part of a whole and be like the neighbour?

♦ 6/ To opt for other alternatives

Don’t worry, there are plenty of other sneakers at any store that will also give you that cool-quick-draw-trendy-go-with-everything look of the Stan Smith. You are spoiled for choice!

♦ 7/ Because it’s too expensive for what it is

Like a lot of other shoes, accessories or others you might say! Certainly. But when you shell out around $90 to buy what you’re being sold as the Holy Grail, don’t you feel a bit like a Christmas fowl? The stuffing turkey , but you’re happy anyway.

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