How to Identify Your Skin Tone and Find the Perfect Hair Colour

Hair Colour

Dyeing your hair can give you a dramatic makeover. However, it can also leave you feeling sceptical, especially if it’s your first time. Need help deciding between a subtle peachy pink or a full-throttle maroon? Before finding the perfect shade, start by understanding your skin tone. 

Your hair colour will make or break your look for the next few months. If you think a purple mane looks just as good as a skinny model on a magazine cover, we hate to tell you, but it doesn’t work that way. Identify your skin tone to identify the best hair colour for your locks. Also, to avoid making bad permanent hair colour decisions, choose one that appeals to you and do not follow others’ opinions.

First, find a bright spot with a ton of natural light. Checking your skin tone under incandescent or artificial lighting won’t help much. Next, check the colour of the veins you see on your hands.

  1. If your veins look green, you belong to the warm undertone family.
  2. If your veins look purple or blue, you belong to the cool undertone group.
  3. If your veins are a mix of green and blue, you may have a neutral undertone.

Now that you’ve got the basics right, let’s find out which hair colour for women ideas is right for you.

Hair colour for light skin tone

Golden Ombre

Want to walk on the golden side without going in all the way? Golden Ombre may be your answer. A magical blend of sun-kissed buttery, gold and honey hues creates a dramatic transition from black to gold while brightening the complexion. This hair dye trend continues to this day. It is the first colour to become trendy among Indian women, and you can still see many sporting this look.

Your Hair BFF: BBlunt Salon Secret High Shine Creme Hair Colour Honey Light Golden Brown

Black Cherry

What about making people think you’re a natural redhead? After all, as they say, fake it until you make it. If you have fair skin with pink undertones, try weaving it in with a maroon base. It does not wash out the skin by reducing pallor and extreme redness.

Your Hair BFF: L’Oreal Paris Casting Creme Gloss Hair Color Black Cherry

Ash Brown

Your natural black hair pairs well with diffused notes of silver and brown. Ash Brown, also called Mushroom Brown, is a variant of brunette hair that tends to come in many shades of grey. Think of it as a love affair between brown and silver highlights on the cool side of the spectrum. We’re already feeling inspired by this hair colour for men and women!

Your Hair BFF: Graceful Hair Colour – 4.1 Ash Brown

Hair colour for wheatish skin tone

Chocolate Brown

A call to all olive-skinned beauties! Have you ever wondered if your perfect dessert could be your best hair colour inspiration? Think chocolate. Chocolate Brown is a deliciously trendy brown. Velvety chocolate brown tones rejuvenate the face with a summery glossy finish. 

Your Hair BFF: Berina Color Cream Dark Chocolate Brown F4

Honey Blonde

If you want to dive skillfully into the world of blondes, you can try the water with Honey Blonde. It mixes amber brown and golden yellow for an instant tan. Bookmark a major hair upgrade that is very important yet very subtle. Well, it’s like a cup of lightly brewed coffee. So if you go ahead with this organic hair colour, know that your decision already smells good.

Your Hair BFF: BBlunt Salon Secret High Shine Creme Hair Colour Honey Light Golden Brown


Burgundy tends toward overwhelming reds and purple browns, but it’s still not as flashy as other reds. This ammonia-free hair colour is safe and chic!

Your Hair BFF: Revlon Colorsilk Hair Colour Deep Burgundy

Hair colour for dark skin tones

Peach Pink

Not for the faint of heart, peachy pink is a fashion-forward hair makeover. So if a head full of flashy pink locks has been secretly on your bucket list for a while, #YOLO.

Your Hair BFF: Paradyes Carola Pink

Chestnut Brown

What happens when you combine warm red and brown waves? Give your hair a #JustGotBackFromVacay look with chestnut brown highlights. Talk about the holiday charm without having to book a plane ticket. This natural hair colour is easy to add warmth to your hair without being too dramatic.

Your Hair BFF: L’Oreal Paris Excellence Creme Hair Colour Aishwarya’s Brown

Midnight Blue

Dark-skinned beauties don’t shy away from the blues anymore. As you know, sultry midnight blue could be your lifelong colour hair partner. So the score for subtlety in the “less is more” look. Think of these hair colour shades as the dark tones of the night sky.

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