When to choose a serum?

choose a serum

Now that you know what a serum is, we explain to you in which situations you can favor it over care oil.

You have dehydrated skin . If you often experience tightness, itchiness, or just plain dryness in your skin, you can use a moisturizing serum. Generally, dehydration is the case of normal or combination skin. But it can of course affect all skin types. To effectively moisturize your skin, you can favor a serum containing hyaluronic acid . It is a molecule naturally present in the skin and which has a double moisturizing action. In addition, hyaluronic acid has an anti-aging action!

You have blemishes . Small pimples, blackheads… These bulky items aren’t just for teenagers. They can persist with age despite what is said. This is related to many factors, such as external conditions. The problem with blemishes is that they can leave some unwelcome scars. To top it off, if you are exposed to the sun, it will not help the situation. To fight against this phenomenon, nothing better than an anti-blemish serum . It will act in depth to limit imperfections. It limits excess sebum to better prevent pimples, while eliminating shiny effects. Result: tightened pores and smoother skin
Well, we’ll let you know right away. There is no miracle cure or potion of youth to stop the effects of time. Unfortunately, wrinkles and lack of firmness are the concern of all skin types at one time or another. But you can make sure to limit skin aging. For this, we advise you to use an anti-aging serum containing antioxidants that help fight the free radicals responsible for skin aging.

When to choose a care oil?

The oil is used in situations a little different from those of the serum.

You have dry skin . To treat dry skin, it must be provided with a large amount of fatty substances. Indeed, the lipid reserves of this type of skin are relatively low and it must therefore be nourished in depth. In this case, we suggest that you use a nourishing oil morning and evening. Irritation and discomfort will now be a thing of the past!

You have sensitive skin . The problem with sensitive skin is that it can’t stand a lot of skincare products. To be certain of aiming right, you can choose a care oil without perfume or essential oils and with the most minimalist composition possible. An oil for sensitive skin will protect against external aggressions. Inflammation is reduced and the skin regains its radiance.

You are looking for a good-looking effect . For radiant skin in the morning, choose, for example, an oil containing carrot macerate , rich in vitamin A and carotenoids. It gives a natural tanned complexion and revives the radiance of the complexion.

You want a supplement for your serum . For those who already use a serum in their facial routine, it is possible to complete it with a care oil . This will be beneficial for sensitive skin, but also dehydrated skin or skin that wants protection against pollution, for example. In this case, choose a simple care oil.

As you will have understood, it is preferable to choose an oil that corresponds to your skin type but also to the desired action. For combination to oily skin, dry oil ( jojoba , nigella, hemp , hazelnut , etc.), less rich in fatty acids, is more suitable than fatty oil. It leaves no greasy film on the skin, thus avoiding the unpleasant shine effect during the day. In addition to penetrating the skin more quickly, the dry oil leaves a lipid film on the surface, allowing it to protect the skin from external aggressions.

Some dry oils, richer and not specified for the face, are intended for body and hair care: after-sun care, hair mask, body moisturizer, etc. This is the case with Panacées perfumed nourishing dry oils without palm oil, rated 100/100 on Yuka and formulated with only 7 ingredients from metropolitan France, including 4 French vegetable oils that intensely nourish the skin. With the fragrance Essence d’été in collaboration with Adèle Belem, dancer at the Paris Opera, or even Bouquet de nature, these oils with a satin finish take care of the skin while perfuming it!

What is the difference between an oil and a serum?


Today there is a certain confusion that is created between serums and care oils . Some industrial brands sometimes use these terms without much distinction and it is difficult to get confused.

However, these two products are in no way identical and apply for different and specific reasons and needs. For example, the serum will be more suitable for dehydrated skin while the oil will be suitable for sensitive or dry skin. If you want to test a serum or a treatment oil , you can consult our online store .

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