5 tips for choosing wedding guest shoes

wedding guest shoes

Spring and sunshine are back, and with them, wedding season! Joy, happiness and elation, it’s time to go shopping for the perfect wedding guest shoes . I’ll give you some advice on how to successfully complete this delicate mission!

Tip n°1: Choose your wedding guest shoes according to the theme

First element to take into account when choosing your wedding guest shoes  : the theme of the ceremony! Depending on whether the atmosphere or the wedding dress code is rock, black-tie or bohemian chic, you will not wear the same shoes. Here are the main points:

For a traditional wedding

At a traditional wedding, the outfits are usually quite formal, and I advise you to favor classic and elegant shoes . Pretty heeled sandals or patent leather pumps will do just fine, especially since you can wear them easily for other occasions!

For a bohemian chic or country wedding

Bohemian-chic and country atmospheres generally involve a more casual dress code, but still quite elegant, it’s still a ceremony! I would tend to recommend light shoes (nude, beige, silver, gold, powder pink, etc.) or colored ones to bring pep to your outfit . Open shoes like sandals are very good options, it fits perfectly with the country theme!

For a wedding with a strong dress code

When I talk about a “strong” theme, I am thinking, for example, of a historic wedding, cinema, novel, cartoon, etc. In this context, you will have to choose your shoes according to your outfit , so that they complete your Disney princess or Viking warrior look, depending on the theme!

Tip n°2: Choose according to the season of the wedding

We don’t wear the same things on our feet in winter as in summer, that’s obvious, and it’s the same for a wedding. For sunny spring and summer weddings , I advise you to opt for sandals or pumps , which are two safe bets, always chic and timeless. Bet on rather light colors, which work better with the outfits we wear in the summer. Bright shoes can also go with your look: a pair of bright yellow, orange or red sandals will liven up any outfit!

In autumn and winter, favor closed shoes such as boots, pumps or moccasins for example, or wear your favorite sandals with opaque tights, it’s very trendy! Preferably choose a dark shoe (black, purple, red, midnight blue…), which will be more harmonious with a winter or autumn outfit.

Tip n°3: Choose according to current shoe trends

Of course, trends play an important role when choosing wedding guest shoes . At the moment, we see a lot of sandals with a small block heel , with a simple strap at the level of the toes and one around the ankles. In addition to being super trendy, this type of shoe has the advantage of being very comfortable, which is always an asset. We also see many mules and flat sandals , adorned with precious stones or pearls. I really like these jeweled sandals for a wedding, they are both modern and elegant, while remaining comfortable, the winning combo in my opinion!

If you are more of a fan of the pump, I advise you to bet on an asymmetrical cut or on a bi-material model with transparent yoke, it is THE cut of the moment! In terms of color, bright or metallic shades are clearly the trendiest of the season.

Tip #4: Choose according to your outfit, of course!

Obviously, the outfit you will wear on the wedding day is an essential criterion for the choice of your guest shoes , it would not be a question of committing a fashion faux pas! Some outfit ideas:

With a long dress

With a long dress, we like just about everything  : flat or heeled sandals, pumps, sneakers why not… It’s hard to go wrong. Choose according to the style of your dress  : if it’s bohemian fluid, bet on pretty flat leather sandals or with a small heel, quite sober, and if it’s more of a gala dress, opt for high and thin star heels.

With a short dress

The short dress is perfect for lengthening the legs, so to amplify this effect I advise you to wear high heels . Pumps or sandals with heels will work very well, and favor fairly thin heels, which refine the leg.

With a midi length

Have you opted for a dress or a midi skirt? You are right, it is ultra-trendy! On the shoe side, you can choose flat or heel, but depending on your morphology. The midi length, although very pretty, can tend to break the leg on rather petite women. Also, if you are less than 1m65 say, I advise you to wear a heeled sandal with your wedding guest dress .

With pants

Trousers (and jumpsuits ) are now a must-have wedding guest outfit. To be on top, I advise you to bet on a shoe with a thick square heel , very trendy at the moment. If you prefer to be flat, no problem, choose a pretty jewel sandal or a pair of pointed mules , you will be perfect.

Tip #5: Don’t forget comfort!

Last tip for choosing your wedding guest shoes , don’t forget comfort! You will indeed spend several hours standing and dancing, so you might as well avoid the torture of painful feet. For this, you can obviously wear flat, or take a pair of flat shoes to put on when the heels become painful. In case you prefer to wear your heels all evening long , make sure you choose a fairly comfortable model. To do this, choose quality materials and try on your shoes at the end of the day, it’s ideal to know if you’re really good in them. Do not hesitate to add a small silicone insole under the sole of your foot, it considerably reduces fatigue and pain!

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